Play an instrument? Like Jazz?

If you want to play in a band, but….

  • You don’t know enough players to form one.
  • You don’t know anyone good enough to lead a band.
  • You’re not sure if you’re good enough.
  • You play your instrument well enough, but don’t know much about jazz.

Or you already play in a band, but…

  • You’re fed up of playing the same old thing and want to try something new.
  • You can’t make progress because there’s always someone who can’t make the practice.

… Then come and join us!

We meet on the last Wednesday of the month (usually, but check the calendar) in the Godshill Village Hall at 7:30pm.

We are an Open Band…

  • Anyone can come and play, regardless of ability level.
  • We practise with whoever turns up.
  • We play gigs with various combinations of musicians.

…That Will Expand Your Horizons…

  • Experience playing a wide range of styles of jazz.
  • Meet other like-minded people, form sub-groups.

…In a Supportive Learning Environment…

  • Band leadership from the more experienced members.
  • Network of instrument specialists and jazz playing expertise.
  • Experiment with your playing in a safe environment.
  • Learn by playing.
  • Encouragement for everyone.